Common errors in linux

Linux is a Unix-like operating system. It is the best example of open source development and free software; generally all underlying Linux source code can be modified, redistributed and used freely by anyone. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 is the latest version of Linux operating system.


Any operating system or other software which is used can give errors any time. There are some common error messages faced by Linux users. Some of the most common ones are the following:

  • Modprobe can't locate module,''XXX,'' and similar messages.
  • Unknown terminal type Linux.
  • Unrecognized option '-m486'.
  • bdflush not running
  • cannot read table of mounted file systems
  • mounting unchecked file system.
  • cannot initialize drive XYZ.
  • EPERM Operation not permitted.
  • EINTR Interrupted system call.

In case a user faces any of the above mentioned problems, it becomes difficult for him/her to access or manage his data. He/she won't be able to do normal tasks which can otherwise be performed effortlessly. If the data which has been rendered inaccessible is important then it becomes essential to recover that data as soon as possible. In this case, he/she would need the help of Linux data recovery software.


Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery Software is an ideal solution for all Linux related data recovery problems. It recovers lost logical drives and data from physical disk or any removable media. It also recovers data from formatted hard drives also where file systems have been changed.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software provides data recovery from Ext2, Ext2 and Ext4 volumes of Linux operating system.


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