Ext4 deleted file recovery

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software retrieves lost, missing, and inaccessible data from Ext4 file system based Linux hard drive volumes. The Ext4 recovery application throughly scans entire Ext4 volume and recovers all lost data from it. It works in all cases of data loss including file system corruption, virus infection, and hard drive formatting.

The Ext4 (Fourth Extended File System) is a widely used journaling file system in Linux. It is developed as the successor of Ext3 file system. The Ext4 is invented as series of the backward compatible extensions for removing 64-bit data storage limits and add several other performance enhancements to the Ext3 file system.

Over time, your Ext4 file system volume may become unmountable and inaccessible due to various reasons such as file system corruption, delayed allocation, and virus infection. This behavior of Ext4 file system leads to data loss. In such circumstances, Linux recovery applications are required to extract lost data from Ext4 file system volumes.

You can recover lost data from Ext4 file system volume through Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery by following the underwritten steps:


Home screen of this Linux data recovery software has four recovery options- Quick Recovery, Advance Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, and Search Lost Volume. Use any of them as per your data loss situation.


Different Recovery Options


Select 'Search Lost Volume' option. Software lists all physical drives of your system.


Search Lost Volume


Select the physical volume and click 'Start Scan' button. Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software scans your physical drive to extract Ext4 volumes :


Drive Image Options


After completion of scan process, Ext4 recovery software lists all the hard drive volumes :


Hard Drive/Volume Recovery


Select the affected Ext4 volume and click 'Continue' button. After scanning the volume using extensive scanning techniques, the software displays all recoverable files in tree view format :


Drive Status


In this way, Ext4 Recovery software enables you to retrieve your precious data from missing, damaged, lost, or corrupted Ext4 file system volumes.


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