Linux flavours & recovery

At present, there are 188 different flavours (versions) of Linux operating system. There flavours are different from each other and designed to come across to fulfill the requirements of different users and organizations.


These flavours are not really designed by the Linux. Because Linux is a open source operating system, any user can modify and distribute the source of the operating system in order to customize it according to the requirements.


Some most popular Linux Flavours are Red Hat, DEBIAN, SUSE, MANDRAKE, GENTOO, CALDERA, and UBUNTU. Different organizations have several distributions that differ in GUI, add-on software, parameters, and basic commands.

As several organizations and users use different Linux flavours, they may face different problems depending on their customization performed by them. When it comes to data loss, the general user can't find the specific software for their Linux Flavour and generally think that there is no data recovery software for the specific Linux Flavour.


But they are wrong because there is no role of the Flavour in data recovery. The data recovery software works according to the file system used in particular Flavour. The general and most popular file system of Linux operating system are Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 volumes. The data recovery software works on these file systems to recover the lost data.


Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software is an advanced and most popular data recovery software that can help you in recovering your lost data in all flavours of Linux operating system. This software uses advanced scanning algorithms to search and locate the lost data from Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 volumes of Linux operating system. The software is helpful in all possible cases of data loss. Along with the corrupted or lost file system recovery, the software is also capable to recover the lost data from formatted hard drive, lost logical volumes and accidentally deleted Linux data.


You can download the demo version of the software to see how much of your data are recoverable. Scan with the demo version and if your find the satisfactory results, then purchase the activation key of the software to register it and save the data as demo version doesn't allow you to save the data. The software provides different recovery option such as network, external storage media, and removable storage media or on the same drive on which you have installed this data recovery software.


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